Business Divisions

Lyomark Pharma comprises four active business units: contract manufactoring, regulatory services, active ingredients and distribution.

By collaborating with doctors, pharmacists and partners, Lyomark Pharma has an intricate distribution network and access to in-depth information on markets and products.

The available know-how across the entire portfolio offers the advantage that every customer receives a dedicated, comprehensive service with respect to marketing authorisation, production and distribution strategies.

Contract Manufacturing

Lyomark Pharma organises the manufacture of your products based on the dossiers which we personally compile and maintain.

Lyomark Pharma has worked for many years with reliable global contract manufacturers. Every product is monitored by Lyomark Pharma along the entire chain, from development through marketing authorisation and production to packaging of the finished product.

All licensed manufacturers work with the latest and most innovative technologies, while complying with the GMP guidelines for production and quality management.

Lyomark Pharma regularly audits its suppliers to ensure that all products are of consistently high quality.

The many years of market knowledge and expertise offered by our colleagues in contract manufacture guarantee a service customised to your product and your market.

We offer the following services:

  • Development of pharmaceutical formulations
  • Development from pilot scale to validated, commercial batch sizes
  • Manufacturing and packaging of lyophilisates and solutions for injection for

Market supply:

  • Procurement of all ingredients and excipients and qualification of API suppliers
  • Pharmaceutical analytics
  • Development of packaging materials
  • Storage and logistics

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Lyomark Pharma works with leading pharmaceutical manufacturers worldwide in the development and marketing of raw materials, excipients and active ingredients for pharmaceutical purposes.

Our team of experts can support you with market analysis and the selection of an appropriate supplier, and offers you access to an extensive range of active pharmaceutical ingredients along with the accompanying documentation, such as CEP and EDMF.

Lyomark Pharma can manage all the logistic processes related to supplying excipients and active ingredients, storing your products in compliance with GMP guidelines, and delivering on time and on demand to the responsible production plant.

Regulatory Services

Lyomark Pharma offers a variety of regulatory services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry. Aside from providing dossiers on our products and filing for marketing authorisation on this basis, we also offer the following:

Product quality review (PQR)

Lyomark Pharma can compile PQRs at the desired intervals, as necessary. Alternatively, we can deliver the raw data for compiling your own PQR.

Database queries

At the desired intervals, Lyomark Pharma will conduct regular searches in appropriate databases.

Periodic Safety Update Report (PSUR)

Lyomark Pharma can compile PSURs at the desired intervals, on request, in a format suitable for submission. Internal company data can also be incorporated.


Customer orientation, combined with an outstanding level of service, is and shall always remain the top priority of the company.

Since 2007, Lyomark Pharma has distributed its own products directly to the German hospital market. In addition to direct distribution in Germany, Lyomark Pharma offers distribution licences to international distribution partners for the worldwide sale of Lyomark Pharma products.

Codistribution is also possible in various countries for selected products. Lyomark Pharma continues to investigate new ideas and ways for further expanding its global business.