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At Lyomark Pharma, our goal is to develop high-quality products in niche indications for the hospital market, distribute them globally, and provide our business partners with reliable, expert solutions.

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The innovative applicator for instillation of surfactant!

  • Simple and practical handling
  • Application of surfactant without Magill forceps
  • Precise positioning in front of the glottis

Contract Manufacturing

Lyomark Pharma organises the manufacture of your products based on the dossiers which we personally compile and maintain.

Regulatory Services

Lyomark Pharma offers a variety of regulatory services to customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

Active Ingredients

Lyomark Pharma works with leading manufacturers in the development and marketing of raw materials, excipients and active ingredients.


Lyomark Pharma distributes its own products directly to the German hospital market and offers distribution licences to international distribution partners.

“Big enough for international challenges and small enough for flexible solutions!”

Since 1989, Lyomark Pharma has made every effort to pursue and achieve this goal and today is one of the most respected and well-known suppliers of sterile medicinal products.