The innovative applicator for instillation of surfactant!

Neofact® Product brochure

Here you can view or download the Neofact® product brochure as a PDF file.

About Neofact®

Luer lock system

Easy to connect with the cone of the syringe.

Extended catheter

Surfactant application beyond the doctor’s operational field. Clear field of view.

Locking option

for Luer Lock system.

Ergonomic grip

Easy to manage with only one hand.

Practical mechanism

for sliding the catheter with the thumb.

Scale (1 cm increments)

for controlling the insertion depth.

Tissue-friendly, flexible tip to the applicator

Little risk of injuring the child.

Angled applicator tip

Precise positioning in front of the glottis.
Atraumatic catheter tip.

Surfactant application without Magill forceps

  • Simple and practical handling
  • Application of surfactant without Magill forceps
  • Precise positioning in front of the glottis

Feasibility study on Neofact® published

Clinical evaluation of an application aid for less-invasive surfactant administration (LISA)
In the clinical study carried out at the University Hospital Tübingen, 20 premature infants (gestational age ≥26 + 0/7) were administered surfactant Alveofact® (45 mg / mL; Lyomark, Oberhaching, Germany) using the new LISA application aid Neofact®. The aim of developing Neofact® was to enable a simple and gentle process for surfactant application that works without the use of Magill forceps. Neofact® makes surfactant application easy and is also suitable for all gestational ages. This was confirmed in the study and the results of the study are convincing. An extremely high success rate could be achieved (95%), complications seemed rear. . Further information on the study can be found here.

Surfactant application made easier for you!

Scale for controlling the insertion depth.

Insert the Neofact® applicator using just one hand. The angled tip means it can be positioned – without the aid of Magill forceps – precisely in front of the glottis. Closely control the insertion depth using the scale on the applicator.

Developed in practise – for practise!

The catheter is carefully pushed out of the Neofact® with one hand (push with the thumb) and passed between the vocal folds. The insertion depth is first measured using the colored tip. An additional position check can be made with the help of the scale on the catheter.