Lyomark Pharma and InfectoPharm sign exclusive sales and distribution agreement for Alveofact® in Germany

OBERHACHING / HEPPENHEIM – 21 February 2020 – Lyomark Pharma GmbH, the German manufacturer of Alveofact®, and InfectoPharm Arzneimittel und Consilium GmbH, today announced that they have entered into an exclusive agreement for distribution of Alveofact® in Germany.

Based on this agreement, InfectoPharm will be the exclusive distributor of Alveofact® on the German market. Specialising in the production and ongoing development of paediatric medicines for over 30 years, InfectoPharm has more than 100 products and 200 employees. In addition to pharmaceuticals, InfectoPharm offers training, export-supported medical consulting, and a scientific publication service – free of charge and free of commercial interests – under its consilium concept.

“By signing this agreement, Lyomark and InfectoPharm are joining forces to optimise the procurement and provision of medicines for premature and newborn babies. Together, our goal is to guarantee continuity and cost efficiency in the provision of medical care to young patients on the German market”, said Philipp Zöller, CEO of InfectoPharm Arzneimittel und Consilium GmbH.

Quality Made in Germany

Lyomark Pharma will continue to manufacture the product in Germany under the agreement. Lyomark Pharma has all the technological means for manufacturing both the active substance and the end product, Alveofact®, in a complex process at its site in Germany. Alveofact® was approved in Germany in 1989 and has become a familiar name in neonatology.

“We are experiencing considerable demand in neonatal medicine for products adapted to the needs of the very young. We believe InfectoPharm is an ideal partner for distributing Alveofact®, as the company is highly specialised in paediatrics, expertise that reflects our company’s core business. Lyomark Pharma’s strength is in the development and manufacture of high-quality, complex medicinal products and, in taking this step, we will focus on expanding our original business line by working closely with strong partners in the industry” said Malik Malocho, CEO of Lyomark Pharma.

More information can be obtained from:

Niklas Nagel, Marketing Lyomark Pharma
Tel.: 089 / 45080878-0

Dr Daniel Deibel, Marketing InfectoPharm
Tel.: 06252 957180

About Lyomark Pharma and InfectoPharm:

Lyomark Pharma GmbH
Lyomark Pharma was founded near Munich in 1989. As the name suggests, Lyomark Pharma mostly develops and manufactures lyophilised (freeze-dried) injectables, having done so for over 30 years, and has become firmly established in this pharmaceutical segment. Lyomark Pharma distributes its many products globally to small and medium-sized companies as well as large corporations.

The goal at Lyomark Pharma is to develop and market high-quality products for niche indications in the hospital segment worldwide, and to deliver reliable and competent solutions to meet the individual demands of its business partners.


InfectoPharm Arzneimittel und Consilium GmbH is a family-run business that has specialised for over 30 years in the continuing development of pharmaceuticals based on established active ingredients, especially for children. We continue to enhance our medicinal products to suit the requirements of patients, doctors and pharmacists and consequently offer noticeable added value.

The consilium service, which is an integral part of the company name and concept, pools medical resources and offers an environment free of commercial interests for knowledge sharing and professional interdisciplinary exchange. We have no doubt: Knowledge is health!


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