Avoidance of plastic waste

In today’s world, plastics are ubiquitous. Every day, we encounter masses of plastic in packaging which, if used only once, is very worrying. On 19 December 2018, the EU finally issued a ban prohibiting the future use of plastic plates, drinking straws and other single-use plastics.

Lyomark Pharma has been quick to acknowledge this significant step and makes its´own positive contribution to this important issue – NOW.

We therefore saw it as our duty to critically examine and improve the packaging of Alveofact®. Consequently, we have decided to replace the plastic blisters in which the product has so far been supplied. This will significantly reduce the amount of plastic waste at your clinic and thus help protect the environment.

At the same time, we have redesigned the drug packaging. The layout of the new packaging is clear, dispensing with any elements that detract from important details and guiding attention towards the essential information.

In addition, the product name Alveofact® appears in larger letters with bold logotype that is clearly visible and legible in the centre at the top of the packaging. With white lettering on a coloured background, the product name has a sleek yet modern design that immediately catches the eye. Any risk of confusion is therefore ruled out.

Improved handling has also been considered. The finely perforated packaging can be opened without difficulty, and the contents can be quickly and easily removed.

Help us protect the environment with our new packaging and in this special way contribute to patient well-being.