NeoKay® – Vitamin-K1-prophylaxis from Lyomark Pharma

Lyomark Pharma is proud to have its own form of vitamin-K1-prophylaxis, namely NeoKay®, which has been available on the German market since 1st January 2019.

NeoKay® contains phytomenadione, a synthetic version of vitamin-K1 that plays an important role in coagulation of the blood. Newborn babies may have a deficiency of vitamin-K1, which can result in rare but serious and even fatal bleeding. To prevent such bleeding, NeoKay® is used prophylactically.

According to german guidelines phytomenadione (vitamin-K1) is given to newborn babies and infants immediately after birth (examination U1 in Germany) and when examined at age 3-10 days (U2) and 4-5 weeks (U3).

More information on NeoKay® can be found here.